Innovative Nonprofit “Pay It Forward” Program Celebrates One Year Anniversary

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On August 28, The Job Hackers, a nonprofit providing free training and workforce development, will celebrate the first-year anniversary of its ground-breaking Pay It Forward program which is responsible for adding over 1200 hours of community service for local nonprofits.

Larry Apke Co-Founder
Larry Apke Co-Founder

The idea was the brainchild of Co-Founder and Chief Agile Office, Larry Apke, as a way for Job Hackers participants to “pay” for the free training provided. “We had some fundamental issues to address – how to get Job Hackers to value free training, how to get them experience, how to help them network, and how to be good citizens in our local communities. The idea for the Pay It Forward program was one of the better ideas because it addresses all of these issues.”

The program itself is relatively simple, but revolutionary. When people enroll on the Job Hackers program, they are given the option to volunteer for the Pay It Forward program, pledging to give 18 hours of community service as “payment” for the free classes. The number of hours represents the number of hours provided by the class. The Job Hackers are currently conducting their fourth class of 2019 with over 150 enrolled.

“This simple, yet ingenious idea has resulted in people volunteering in their local communities where they might not otherwise,” says David Rawlings the other Co-Founder. “And the community involvement is all over the United States since we also teach online as well as in person.”

The breadth of the work done and organizations receiving volunteer hours is as diverse as the program’s participants, from working with schools to soup kitchens, from helping patients in hospice to providing dogs to help students cope with the stress of finals.

Mary Swanson, a Pay It Forward participant, summed it up, “The Job Hackers Pay-it-Forward program is an integral part of assisting job seekers through the psychological toll of unemployment and staying connected to a higher purpose. Volunteering has given me a sense of purpose, broadened my career prospects and sustained my hope through an uncertain time.”

Larry Apke explained, “As our numbers grow, so do the numbers of people volunteering and the hours given. Historically 2 out of 3 participants will volunteer. In 2018, that meant about 200 people signed up. In 2019 we expect about 450 total participants will complete our class and about 300 will volunteer, resulting in a huge impact on society. We are very proud of our volunteers and the impact of The Job Hackers.”

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The Job Hackers
It is the mission of The Job Hackers to provide individuals with the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the complex world of knowledge work. The Job Hackers do this by giving their participants valuable knowledge about software development to prepare them for real-world jobs and working with them and employers to ensure the proper placement of participants.

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