The Surprising Value of The Job Hackers Free Agile MBA Class

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — On August 6, 2019 over 100 people will attend a free class called The Agile MBA. Larry Apke, Co-Founder and Chief Agile Officer, will call the class to order, marking the beginning of a series of twelve classes, spread out over six weeks (every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:30-9:00am Pacific).

This class will mark the fourth of five classes to be offered by a nonprofit called The Job Hackers in 2019. The classes are offered free to people looking for work. “Some may question the value of a free class, but the results are nothing short of amazing,” says Co-Founder David Rawlings. “For 2018, The Job Hackers had over 450 enroll and over 300 receive a certificate of completion. Of those 300, over 35% finds work within 90 days of completing the course with over half making over $100,000.”

Participants of the Agile MBA class receive valuable education about Agile and Scrum which they can use to get Professional Scrum Master and other certifications. Co-Founder, Larry Apke, states, “most of our participants are qualified professionals who only need a little bit of targeted training to make them more confident and relevant to today’s workplace. We provide up-skilling along with networking and job placement assistance.”

In lieu of payment, The Job Hackers runs a Pay It Forward program where participants can choose to volunteer 18 hours to a nonprofit in their community. “Since its inception it has resulted in over 1100 hours of community service that might not otherwise have happened. It also helps to get our participants out in the community to get experience and network to help find work,” says Rawlings.

The demographics of this class prove this out. The average age of participants is 42, with over 55% female and a majority non-Caucasian. “IT companies do a lot of hand-wringing over diversity. We have it and can provide qualified diverse candidates to companies,” asserts Apke. “The fact it is free is amazing, but the reaction from our participants has been incredible. People writing reviews like ‘Best. Darn. Class. Ever.’ On” (

“We need three things to be successful. One, get people in the program. Two, get people placed in meaningful work. Three, get funding so we can do more of the first two. We have been wildly successful at the first two. For 2020 our emphasis will be on getting funding so we can do more,” says Apke.

More information on the Job Hackers program can be found at

The Job Hackers
It is the mission of The Job Hackers to provide individuals with the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the complex world of knowledge work. The Job Hackers do this by giving their participants valuable knowledge about software development to prepare them for real-world jobs and working with them and employers to ensure the proper placement of participants.

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