Scrum Master Continues to Be a Hot Job

I am often asked why we train people on Agile and Scrum. There are a number of reasons, not the least being this is what I know and the one thing I am qualified to teach (and this probably includes the year I spent teaching high school English). However, this answer alone is unsatisfying.

The other reason we choose to train people on Agile and Scrum is the market needs people who understand and can implement Agile. Training already qualified individuals on this allows them to quickly “upskill” and find employment (as our placement numbers are starting to show).

Since organizations often choose to implement Scrum as their way to become Agile, having our participants know and become certified as Scrum Masters is good for everyone.

More importantly, the job of Scrum Master is one of the fastest growing and most in demand jobs these days. I just recently read an article entitled “Why the hottest technology job this year may be scrum master” on ZDNet.

While the article is over a year old, there is no sign that the market need for Scrum Masters has receded. If anything, the market for Scrum Masters is expanding as Scrum is being used for knowledge work outside software development. I recently spoke at a conference and met Michael Combest from the Hickories, LLC who is applying Scrum to Architectural design.

Obviously a good Scrum Master would provide great value to all knowledge work as other industries learn off and benefit from Agile and Scrum. That is why we train our participants on Agile and Scrum.

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  1. The popularity of a scrum master job title is easy to see. After all, it ensures that the individual in question has control of the direction of the company, not to mention how employees learn and perform tasks. Ergo, it’s essential that they undergo scrum and agile training.

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