The Job Hackers is Live!

After many years of thinking, planning and working, the website you see now is live. It is the culmination of a dream I have had for almost a decade – helping people who are looking for work to find meaningful work. The fact we choose to do so with Agile software development is almost secondary. Of course, we all do those things we know well. I do Agile, Scrum and software development because I have become something of an expert over the years.

Fortunately increasing people’s knowledge of Agile, Scrum and software development is something that companies, especially the companies in San Francisco Bay Area and Silicons Valley are looking for people who have Agile, Scrum and software development knowledge.

The Job Hackers, as a non-profit company, is new. It was during my third class cycle that I mentioned how nice it would be if I can find a way to do full time what I have as yet only been able to do part time – imagine the number of people I would be able to help.

It was with the help of many individual volunteers, Igor Kim, Mariam Safi and Jennie Snyder (to name a few) that this site is a reality. it might be rough around the edges, but I am certain that they will help me improve the site (and my class) over time. I am proud of their work and they should be as well.

While I am thanking people, this site would not be possible without the help of my good friend, Dave Rawlings, who understood my vision and helped me to get The Job Hackers going. It is truly my pleasure to get to work with Dave on a regular basis.

I hope you all enjoy and follow us as we help make people’s dreams come true!

Larry Apke

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