The Job Hackers has received a number of positive reviews.  Here are some of the comments. We encourage you to go to SwitchUp.org for more.

“I’ve never suffered post-course withdrawals until completing The Job Hackers six-week Agile & Scrum Bootcamp. The learning experience was tremendous, and our diverse class commented on not wanting it to end.

Shockingly thorough, and far more interesting than expected. Honestly, my expectations were low as this is a free course. So I was pleasantly shocked when the instructor turned out to be exceedingly engaging.”

“Besides providing experienced professionals with the tools and principles of the Agile Methodology, The Job Hackers’ twice weekly (for six weeks) sessions goes beyond textbook information. Instead, it exchanges and challenges participants to think beyond the obvious.”

Anyone who wants to excel in leading in the explosive innovation markets of today and well into the future, MUST attend this class to maintain her/his competitiveness in the Knowledge Workers markets of AI, Self Driving Cars, Drones, Medicine and Industrial Internet of Things. “

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