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Our mission is to provide technology learning opportunities for youth grades K-12. Club membership and attendance are free and open to the public. All experience levels welcome.

With 40+ years of experience, JVS knows how to help people find good jobs. They focus their programs on industries that are hiring and can offer career path jobs, such as healthcare, financial services, technology and trades. These Career Pathway programs are developed in partnership with Bay Area employers and give people in-demand skills, paid work experience and robust job search skills. is an awesome web hosting service that The Job Hackers uses for this website. They have quality hosting, great pricing and excellent individualized service. They will even migrate your WordPress site for free with web hosting contract. One of the few left that provide nonprofits with hosting at no cost.

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We at A2Z Agility live and breathe Scrum and Kanban. Whether you are at the very beginning of your agile journey or already started, we are here to help. A2Z Agility offers certified and non-certified agile training workshops and coaching sessions.

Human+ for AgileMBA2U

Human+ has been specifically customized to support the Job Hackers Agile MBA2U. The learning program is online and consists of a mix of videos, activities and assessments designed to improve your human superpowers. The Personal Trainer version offers weekly virtual meetups with your Coach and fellow program participants and a dedicated Slack channel provides a hub for content discussion. Just 40 minutes a week of self-paced learning for 6 weeks and a weekly 45-minute virtual meetup is all it takes to unlock your human potential: more job opportunities, higher wages, greater fulfillment at work!!!

The human+ program produces workplace superheroes.

‘The greatest power on earth is the magnificent power we all possess. The power of the human brain’. This is a popular quote by the Marvel character Charles Xavier in the blockbuster movie X-men. He is the professor at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning where they teach their students to harness the powers that they already possess, but can’t control. When they are in control, they become superheroes.

The Human+ program actually works in the same way! We just improve your human skills and show you how to use them to be superheroes at work. We don’t teach you how to fly or shoot laser with your eyes. But we do teach you how to make the most out of your human skills like:

  • empathy,
  • visualisation,
  • problem framing,
  • problem solving,
  • creativity,
  • collaboration and
  • communication.

And why should you care?

The world of work is changing. As machines assume more work tasks Human workers require new skills to create value in the workplace. While technical skills will remain important automation is driving a new trend in the labour market: hybrid jobs. What is a hybrid job? One that contains a blend of technical and human skills. And hybrids jobs are growing faster and attracting higher wages than any other job in the labour market (Burning Glass, 2019). But how can you learn these human skills? That’s where the Future Work Skills Academy comes in . We are dedicated to designing, developing and delivering engaging skill-building programs for 21 century human workers. Our human+ program draws on the Institute for the Future’s top 10 skills for the future of work. Through this program we help you to unlock your creativity, and frame and solve problems all while refining your skills as an adept collaborator.

Go ahead and take the first step to harnessing the powers you already possess!

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